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Definition: emarketing is marketing that utilises the internet as a communications and distribution channel. This includes the use of email and the web.

Ideally, offline and online marketing (emarketing) should be completely integrated and complementary in nature, however, in reality this is rarely achieved, often due to poor internal processes and governance.

eMarketing has the following characteristics:
- low barriers to entry
- available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year
- is highly measurable
- can offer a high degree of interaction
- can offer precise targetting
- can offer real time measurement of success or failure
- enables immediate distribution, at minimal cost
- can be used in support of or separately from offline marketing activities

With eMarketing you have 2 main choices to consider (or a combination of both):

(1) Target marketing activities at existing sites where the target customer segments are known to visit. This is often achieved by banner advertisements, sponsored content, educational materials, microsites etc..

(2) Target marketing activties at directed information seekers. This is achieved by creating brand web sites, search engine optimisation, keyword buying etc..

eMarketing Mix
Relative Cost
Banner $ Higher click thrus with call to action and good creative Number of Views, Click Thrus, Brand Recall
email $ Can be text or HTML based Number of Views & Interactions
Interstitial $   Number of Views
Sponsored Content $$ Can be expensive to place in high traffic site Number of Views
Linking $$ Can be time consuming to request and monitor Number of Links
Microsite $$ Most effective when used for timeboxed event or where information needed  
eCard $$$    
Online Coupon $$$   Number of Coupons Redeemed
Sample Request $$$ Can be expensive, need to consider data protection Number of Requests, Permission Marketing
Full Web Site $$$$ To achieve maximum impact must be search engine optimised and give consideration to accessibility & usability. Complexity of functionality and the regulatory environment will determine cost. Number of Visitors, Length of Visit, Time of Visit, Pages Viewed, Data Collected, Data Requested

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